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Each year LGHS Music families have the opportunity to earn funds for their individual student accounts by collecting live Christmas trees from residences and depositing them in recycling bins provided by West Valley Collection provides for this purpose. Student Account proceeds may be used to offset Shared Costs for Winter programs, such as Guard and Percussion, or any other LGHS Music-related expense. 

2018 Christmas Tree Pickup Details:

It’s time to sign up for the annual Christmas Tree pickup!  The signup sheet will be posted in the Band Room. This optional fundraiser generates money for your student’s musical activities, and funds can be used to pay Shared Costs, for Winter Percussion/Guard, or for the Spain trip (up to $1000).  Here are a few important items to consider about the Christmas Tree pickup:

  1. Christmas Tree Pickup will happen on Saturday, Jan 6, 2018.
  2. Significant money can be earned by your students, depending on the effort they put in.  This is really a case of “the more you give, the more you get”.  Areas with great flyer coverage tend to do better than those where the students didn’t really cover the houses.
  3. Students will need to create and hand out flyers before Christmas, and pick up trees/checks on Saturday the 6th.  Saturday is a long day.
  4. There are 13 pickup areas which will be assigned to students.  Students can group together in an area—this is a great way to make sure there are enough hands for the job.
  5. If we have more students than areas, the Coordinators will assign students to groups.
  6. If students group together, proceeds will be split evenly unless all families agree, ahead of time and in writing, to a different split.
  7. Parent participation is REQUIRED—you need to provide and drive a vehicle that can haul many Christmas trees, and assure sufficient crew to manage your area.
  8. Some financial outlay is required to create flyers, rent a vehicle if needed, etc.

This is the Gallmeisters’ final year, so we’re looking for someone to help coordinate and to take on the event next year.  If you are interested, please contact Bill or Eleanor (