Winter Percussion 2017-2018

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Percussion Leads: 

  • Percussion Director: Cameron Spencer 209-484-1230

  • Drumline Caption Head: Colin Whitcomb

About Winter Percussion:

Winter Percussion is a competitive music ensemble that runs from late November through March. Although we only use percussion instruments, the ensemble is open to musicians of all types. We will teach you everything you need to know. This ensemble has been very successful, placing in the top 3 at championships for 4 years straight.

Calendar and Attendance:

Please see the Winter Percussion Calendar 2017-2018. We have 4 competitions throughout the season, including an overnight trip to San Bernadino. Attendance at all competitions is mandatory. Other important dates are marked on the calendar with an asterisk (*). We need to know immediately if you are going to miss any competitions or any other dates marked with an asterisk. Missing competitions may disqualify you from membership, depending at what instrument you’re playing. We need at least 1 week notice if you are going to miss a rehearsal. Please email Cameron Spencer directly, at, with any schedule conflicts.

Membership Costs:

The student contribution this year is $1100. This contribution covers the cost of hotels, travel, costumes, props, competition entry fees, instructional staff, show design, and meals at competitions. A Christmas Tree Pickup fundraiser is available to help with these costs. Some students have been able to fund their entire season with this fundraiser. More details will be available soon.

If you are interested in joining Winter Percussion please fill out the signup form here:

This year’s show is called “Spark.” It’s about new ideas catching on and spreading. You can preview the music here: