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The diverse Los Gatos community is home to families in many different circumstances.  Some have plenty of assets, and would rather just pay the shared costs of the Music program.  Others have more need, and would rather pay less.  And some can pay, but enjoy volunteering for its own sake—or want to save the money!  We value all of our families, whatever the circumstances and motivations.  LGHS Music Boosters offers the volunteer credit in recognition of the large amount of effort many families put into the Marching Band program.  This FAQ answers some of the questions that families may have about the volunteer credit.

How do I sign up to volunteer?
How many volunteer points do I need to earn the volunteer credit?
It's 40 points, earns a $400 credit, and can be earned in any combination of events. However, partial credit is not offered. You need all 40 points to earn the $400 credit.
Do I need to earn all my volunteer points during Marching season?
No, you don't need all of the points by the end of competition season. However, that's where most of the points are offered. The major source of points after competition season is our Annual Fundraiser, Winesong, which will happen in the late winter/spring.
When is my volunteer credit credited to my account?
Volunteer credit is generally tallied up at the end of the school year, so we can account for all the volunteer activities that occurred during the year. The goal is for the credit to be available when you are paying the shared costs for the following year. We do not generally offer the volunteer credit before it is earned. For example, a freshman family will not have the volunteer credit available to them that first season--because they have not yet earned it.
Wait a minute. If my volunteer credit is earned after the season, what happens to the volunteer credit earned by the families of Seniors?

When a student leaves the Music program, the remaining volunteer credit, if any, can be (a) donated to the Music Boosters for a tax deduction, (b) rolled over to a sibling who is in or will be entering the music program, or (c) refunded to the family. Option (a) is our default; the other two are available by request to student_accounts@lghsmusic.net. For sibling rollovers, a gap of one year is OK. In other words, if your son graduates this year, and your daughter is in 7th grade and will enter the program in two years, we can hold that volunteer credit for you.

What if I earn some, but not all of the points needed? Is there partial credit?
Unfortunately, no. There is no partial credit offered.
Why are volunteer points not offered for some events?
The volunteer credit system is a means of defraying the largest shared costs in the Music Program--the Marching Band shared cost. For other programs, such as Orchestra and Choir, the costs are simply not that large and the volunteer credit is not warranted.
How do I get reimbursed for expenses I incur when purchasing items as a volunteer?

Click here for info on expense reimbursement: http://www.lghsmusic.net/expenses-and-check-requests