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Below is a sampling of our volunteer job descriptions; many additional descriptions can be found on the event sign-up forms themselves, accessible here:  Please note, 40 points are required to earn the Volunteer credit.  Partial credit is not provided.

2017 Band Camp Job Descriptions

2017 LGHS Marching band Camp Volunteer Job Descriptions (various positions)

Regular marching Season Job Descriptions

WBA Finals 2015 - Overnight Chaperones

Saturday Rehearsal Job Descriptions, 2015 (Marching Band rehearsals - various positions)

Competition Cold Drinks

Football Game Pit Pops (and Moms! and Leads!)

Claws for a Cause Table Captains (dinner fundraiser - table captains)

Bleacher Pads (storage and football game placement)

Potato and Chili prep/sales/cleanup -- VOLUNTEERS (prep, sales, and cleanup)

Potato and Chili prep/sales/cleanup -- LEADS (team leads)

Marching Band Competition Days (FAQs and brief descriptions of various positions)

Marching Band Competition Pit Pops (and Moms! and Leads!)

Year-End Student Awards (coordinator)