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In an era of school budget crises and limited funds for the performing arts, parent volunteers are instrumental (pun intended!) in ensuring a quality music education for all. While students analyze, compose, rehearse, choreograph, and perform music, an energetic and committed team of parent volunteers works behind the scenes to feed, costume, encourage, record, photograph, and transport them. Volunteers also work tirelessly to raise funds to pay for instruction, equipment, transportation, uniforms, scholarships, and more. Join us in our volunteer efforts, and become part of the movement to keep music education alive and thriving at Los Gatos High!

Open Leadership positions for 2017-2018!  We have several openings for the leadership team for 2017-2018 school year.  Any of these roles will fulfill all your volunteer points requirements, and we will be highly grateful!

  • Vice President for Fundraising: you will be the lead of our fundraising efforts for the year.  These are mostly focused on Claws for a Cause, Christmas Tree Pickup and Music Matters fundraising drives.  New ideas are always welcome, too.
  • Secretary: responsible for minutes, donor acknowledgement and arranging our Coach transport, among other duties.
  • Webmaster: update our website with news and other information
  • Volunteer Coordinator: handles volunteer signups, point tallies, and occasional volunteer wrangling.  Busy during Marching season, easy after that.
  • Apparel Lead: handle the sizing, ordering and delivery of Band jackets, polos and T-shirts.  This job is done over the summer and you are DONE by the end of September!
  • Uniform Crew: work as part of the Uniform team to make sure our Marching Band and Color Guard look their best.  Note: if all goes well, we will have NEW UNIFORMS for Fall, 2017!
  • Food Team: Keep our band and Guard well-fed by meal planning, procurement, and delivery with a dedicated team.
  • Pit Pop Drivers/Leads: the Band's Roadies, the Pit Pops drive our heavy gear to and from competitions in our trailers (you will need to have a truck capable of significant towing, but if you need a brake upgrade, we'll help out)

For job descriptions, please go here:  http://lghsmusic.org/volunteer/job-descriptions.

Volunteer here: http://lghsmusic.ivolunteer.com.  If you are interested in a leadership role, please contact Bill and/or Eleanor at president@lghsmusic.org.  Thanks!