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Reminder -- Mandatory meeting for Chaperones: 12/4/17:  7-8 pm in the LGHS library

Travel Dates: April 5, 2018 - April 14, 2018

~~~ A Letter From the Spain Trip Organizers ~~~

  Hello Spain travelers!

Recent events in Barcelona have started conversations about the safety of international travel, and we want you to know that we have been in contact with KIconcerts to share your concerns.  Here is a summary of the information we received from them:

  • The hotels they reserved are all outside the center of the three cities we are visiting. 
  • We can choose to avoid any area that causes concern – we are in complete control of the daily itinerary until that day actually unfolds.
  • KIconcerts is guided by State Department travel advisories and, if one is issued for a city or country we are traveling to, they will work with us to relocate the tour.
  • If there is any emergency while we are traveling, KI follows a SCRR policy –Safety for all travelers, Communication with US representatives in the country we are visiting, Relocation of all travelers to a safe location, and Repatriation of all travelers on the earliest flight available.
  • KIconcerts has offices around the world, including the regions where they tour, so we will have local representatives available to give help immediately if we need it.

Some members of the LGHS Music Boosters can speak personally to the professionalism of KI.  During our KIconcerts trip to Italy 8 years ago, the volcano in Iceland forced the band’s flight home to be cancelled, stranding the entire group in Germany.  KI worked tirelessly to find emergency accommodations for all the students and adults as well as activities to do until flights were available.  Due to KI, our group was one of the first groups on a flight out.

Ultimately it is up to each family to decide, but we wanted to present the safety features in place so you can make an informed decision about participating in the trip. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Jennifer, Juliet and Cathy – Your Spain Team

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