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Reminder:  Next payment due on September 1st!

If you have signed up for the Spain trip:

You have made your first payment through the LGHS Music Boosters. A group payment has been made to KI Concerts and this includes your first tour payment. You should have received an email with your Billing and Payment Summary Statement directly from KI Concerts. Please check your spam file if you have not received one and you made your first payment before the deadline. All payments must now be made directly to KI Concerts by individual travelers following the schedule outlined on your statement from KI Concerts. (Please note that any further payment made to the LGHS Music Boosters will not be credited to your trip account or to KI Concerts.)

The discounted cost of $4,045 is implemented when all payments are made paid by check or direct debit (ACH). The first payment of your trip was made by check so you are on track for the discounted rate. **Please note that if you change to debit or credit card payments at any time you will lose the discount and the full tour cost of $4,250 will be implemented. You can still pay using the installment payment schedule and receive the discount. The final payment will be less for those who receive the discount.

The direct debit (ACH) authorization form is here: Direct Debit for for KI concert payment

If you have NOT yet signed up for the Spain trip:

      There are now only a limited number of places available for this trip.  Spots will be given on a first come, first served basis with students being given priority over adults.  Only complete packets with an application form, 2 color copies of their passport that is valid through October 15, 2018, a spare passport photo (can be taken at Walgreens and other shops in town) and a check for $500 made out to the LGHS Music Boosters will be considered.    If we are unable to include you on our trip your check will be returned to you once we have our roster filled.

-- Only complete packets mailed to the Boosters PO Box will be processed over the summer.  --

     So please mail your completed packets to LGHS Music Boosters P.O. Box 1638 Los Gatos, CA 95031.  Thank you!



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