Winter Guard: Los Gatos & Saratoga High School Combines!

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Winter Guard with Saratoga High School:

- A note from Mariah Hemminger:

This year, due to timing of how the fall season has gone, Mr. Pens and I discussed combining with the Saratoga Guard. This would require a lot of commitment but would be extremely beneficial to the guard members. 

I know not all of the students would be able to join, so I am going to be holding some clinics throughout the spring to teach more techniques, get the middle school involved a little more, and try and get friends of our members interested. 


  • Parents and students would be required to go to the informational meeting on the 12th at Saratoga High School. —This meeting should have a more solid schedule with times for the whole season 
  • Starting in January, almost every Saturday is a rehearsal day. This Saturday (12/9) there is a 8am-12pm rehearsal.
  • They do all of the “8th period” class time which runs from 2:15-3:45, LGHS students would need to get there asap after class. Some weeks are M/W/F, some weeks are T/TH
  • There is also a facebook group for the students to get any additional info when the season gets going
  • There is a camp 1/1-1/5 with the Evaluation Show on 1/6. The bulk of the show would be learned at this camp, so it would be extremely important to be there for all of it. 

If any students or parents have any questions, please have them e-mail Mariah Hemminger at