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A primary purpose of the LGHS Music Boosters is to raise funds for the Music Department.  This page answers some frequently asked questions about Boosters fundraising.

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What is the difference between General fundraising and fundraising for Student Accounts?

We run two basic sorts of fundraisers: for General Funds, and for individual Student Accounts. General Fund fundraisers include Claws for a Cause and Winesong. These fundraisers aim to raise a block of money that is used for general or specific Music Booster purposes. They do not benefit any specific student, but rather the program as a whole. Student Account fundraisers include our annual Christmas tree pickup, chocolate sales, and the SAP Shark Tank fundraisers. In these events, funds are raised by individual students and/or their families. A portion of the funds raised goes to the student's own account, and can be used for approved music education activities. The chocolate sale fundraiser, for example, benefits the student's account 100%. The Christmas Tree Pickup proceeds also go entirely to Student Accounts, with a small hold-back that covers the Music Boosters' expense in administering the fundraiser.

What can I use my Student Account funds for?

Music education--and only in very specific cases. The Student Accounts are basically a means for students to earn money to offset the Shared Costs of the music programs, to pay for Winter Guard and Winter Percussion, and to pay for specific music trips, such as to Anaheim.

Are Student Account fundraiser proceeds refundable?
No. This is due to IRS regulations. Money in Student Accounts cannot be used for any purpose other than specific musical activities, and cannot be refunded. If your student leaves the music program with excess funds in the Student Account, those funds will be considered a donation to the Music Boosters.
What gets used first: volunteer credit or fundraiser proceeds?
A credit of up to $400 is available for meeting or exceeding the marching band 40-volunteer point requirement during a given school year. This credit is generally used to defray costs incurred and goes into the Student Account for use against subsequent costs. If your Student Account contains both volunteer credit and monies from fundraisers, the volunteer credit will be used before the fundraiser monies in paying for activities. Volunteer credits not refunded will be applied to your Student Account. Full or partial refunds are available by special request, after the volunteer requirements are met. In the event that your student leaves the music program, volunteer credit remaining in your account is refundable if requested within 90 days—but no other credit in the account is refundable.