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eScrip:  Effortless Fundraising for the Music Boosters!



Click on the icon above if you want to start shopping online and either 1) you have already registered through eScrip, or 2)  you wish to shop right now without registering.  The screen will allow you to "Add" LGHS Music Boosters as the beneficiary for this transaction.

To register on the eScrip site so that all of your future qualifying purchases automatically benefit the Boosters, click on http://www.escrip.com and follow the screen instructions; our group ID number is #138384258. (The eScrip Online Mall icon on the right side or top of this page will also take you to a screen where you can register.)

To learn more about your eScrip options, click here for a general-info flyer, and read on below for details! 


Here's a very easy way to benefit the Boosters without really raising a finger! (well, maybe your mouse finger).

eScrip is a fundraising tool where on-line and physical merchants, like grocery stores, give back a portion of your normal, day-to-day purchases to charities you designate--from 1 to 3% of your normal purchases!  You don't pay anything extra;  you don't buy anything you wouldn't buy normally.  It's as simple as:

  1. Sign up with eScrip 
  2. Go Shop (online, or at brick-and-mortar stores)
  3. The LGHS Music Boosters get money!

What could be easier? 

If every LGHS Music/Guard family registered with eScrip, shopped through the LGHS Music Booster online mall, and obtained and used a grocery store card designated to support LGHS Music, earnings for LGHS Music would grow dramatically.

Here are four ways you can help earn money for the Los Gatos High School Music Boosters by just doing your normal shopping. Remember that it costs you nothing to support LGHS Music Boosters in any of these ways. Please contact Kathy Storton at secretary@lghsmusic.net if you need help with any of this.

  1. Do you buy groceries?  Do you have a grocery store card? (e.g., Safeway, Lunardi's, Gene's Fine Foods) Please email Kathy Storton (secretary@lghsmusic.net) your grocery card type and the number on the card, and she will register the card for you and make sure your contributions go to the LGHS Music Boosters. All you have to do after that is use your card every time you shop at that store, and you will earn money for our music program. Anyone can support LGHS Music in this way.  (Note:  Nob Hill is different and you can sign up yourself—see below. Also, please note that as of August 1, 2015, Safeway no longer participates in eScrip.)
  2. Do you shop online?  Just click through eScrip first, and we earn money!  Each time you want to shop online, please first come to this page and click on the eScrip online mall icon shown above. This icon takes you directly to an eScrip page where you simply "Add" LGHS Music Boosters and start shopping -- even if you have not registered your credit cards and club cards. (See #3, below, to register your cards and shop online; that method will allow the Boosters to benefit on an ongoing basis, rather than just for your current online transaction.)  Examples of where you can shop online through the online mall icon: Amazon.com, Home Depot, Target, J Crew, JC Penney, Nordstrom, Walgreen's, Macy's, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Shoebuy.com,hotels.com, eBags, and more. Anyone (such as your friends and extended family members) can support LGHS Music by using this icon!
  3. Register your credit cards and club cards (e.g., grocery store cards) at www.escrip.com. Designate the Los Gatos High School Music Boosters as the group you are supporting. Our group ID number is #138384258.  Everything you purchase with your credit card then provides a percentage benefit to the Boosters! 
  4. Do you shop at Nob Hill?  Sign up at raleys.com, and we earn money! If you already have a "Something Extra" card or loyalty number, please go to the Raleys website and choose the Los Gatos High School Band Boosters to support. (We will soon be called the Los Gatos High School Music Boosters on this website). If you do not have a Something Extra card or loyalty number, please sign up with Nob Hill's "Something Extra" program and request an Extra Credit card or give Nob Hill a 10-digit phone number that you can use when you shop. Use the card or phone number every time you shop at Nob Hill to earn money for our music program. Steps:
    1. Go to www.raleys.com/extracredit 
    2. On the right side of the screen, click on the green "Start here" button.  
    3. Enter your email address and a password
    4. Click on "no" when asked whether you have a Something Extra card or number.
    5. Create a 10 digit "loyalty number" (using your phone number with area code is easiest to remember when you are shopping)
    6. Enter your name and phone number on the next screen.
    7. Enter your mailing address on the next screen.
    8. On the next screen, select "Nob Hill" and the Los Gatos location.
    9. Click "Sign me up".
    10. On the next screen, you can either request a Something Extra card or choose to shop with your loyalty number(e.g., a 10-digit phone number). You would then use your card or punch inyour 10-digit number every time you shop at Nob Hill so that the LGHS Music Boosters earns money every time you shop.
    11. Go back to the main website screen (www.raleys.com) and click on "Something Extra" at the top. Click on "ExtraCredit" (the 2nd entry from the bottom of the list that pops up).
    12. Click on the green "Get Started" button.
    13. Click on the green "Select Your Organization" button, select the Los Gatos High School Band/Music Boosters, and scroll down to "100" so that the Boosters receive 100% of your contributions.
    14. Click on "Save Your Selections".
    15. Go shop at Nob Hill--give then your 10-digit loyalty number when you check out, and we get money! 

IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH THIS OR HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT Boosters Secretary and EScrip Coordinator KATHY STORTON AT secretary@lghsmusic.net

Escrip can be a huge source of funding for the Los Gatos High School Music Boosters if all music families sign up and designate the Boosters as the organization they support. This costs you nothing, except a few minutes of your time to register and designate LGHS Music Boosters as the organization you support.

Please support the Los Gatos High School Music Boosters whenever you shop. Some groups earn thousands of dollars each month for their organization!

Thanks, as always, for your ongoing support!

Kathy Storton
LGHS Music Boosters Secretary and eScrip Coordinator