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To sign up for a Music class or ensemble, a student must first be enrolled at Los Gatos High School. Each year, eighth graders at Fisher Middle School and CT English Middle School are provided with instructions for enrolling at LGHS as incoming freshmen. Other new and transfer students can find enrollment information here:  LGHS Enrollment.

Once enrolled, a student is entered into the school's "Aeries" database and is able to register in courses.  (Click here for descriptions of LGHS courses.) Note that entry into some Music courses requires an audition, approval of the instructor, or fulfillment of another prerequisite.

If your student is enrolling in a performance ensemble (Band, Orchestra, Choir, or Color Guard), click HERE to sign up with the Music Boosters and obtain details on shared costs, required attire, deadlines, practice and performance schedules, uniforms and apparel, etc.