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What are "Concert Bands"? I hear the term, but don't see it listed under Courses.

A concert band is a large group of brass, woodwind, and percussion players who perform in concerts. LGHS has two"concert bands": Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble.

What are Honor Bands and All-Star Bands?

Honor Bands and All-State Bands are countywide or statewide bands that require separate auditions outside of school. Musical styles include classical, symphonic, and jazz. Auditions are generally held in late November and early December, and normally require the recommendation of the school band director. If a student is accepted into one of these ensembles, rehearsals and performances around the county and/or state take place in winter and early spring and can involve a substantial time commitment.


As the names indicate, acceptance into an Honor Band or an All-State Band is an honor, and speaks to an exceptional level of musical achievement. Information about the Santa Clara County Band Directors Association auditions can be found at http://sccbda.org/. Information about the California Band Directors Association (CBDA) All-State Honor Band is available at http://www.cbda.org/.

Do students who volunteer to work at Music Department events earn community service hours?

Usually not. If the hours worked are used to credit a student's account for music program costs, then the student may not also earn credit for community service hours. However, at the discretion of the Music Director and Music Boosters Board, work at certain extracurricular performances may qualify for community service hours. 

Are parents allowed to park along the red curb at High School Court when dropping off and picking up Music students?
NO. The curb is painted red because stopping there obstructs passage of emergency vehicles. Fire trucks have been unable to get through. In addition, parking along the curb obstructs vehicles that are legally parked in the adjacent parking spots, leaving them insufficient room to move in and out of their spaces and leading to collisions. Don't park along the red curb!
What is the dress code for the various Music Department ensembles?

Marching Band members are fitted for and assigned uniforms, including marching shoes, at the beginning of each school year. Each student also needs their own boxer shorts to wear under the uniform, and black socks tall enough to keep the ankles covered when marching. For Pep Band performances, members wear the current season's field show T-shirt or Music Department polo, along with jeans and their Marching Band jacket.


Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Jazz Band, click here for details.


Choir girls wear an official black "concert" dress (fitted and ordered through Choir class at the start of the year), black dress shoes (with a heel no higher than 1-1⁄2 inches), and hair away from the face (using a clip or hairband).  Guys wear a black suit (jacket and trousers), black tie (available for purchase through Music Boosters), black dress shoes, and black socks.